Broadband now running 3X faster

Digiweb's 30Mb Metro Express Broadband and Phone
Today, an extra 500,000 homes and businesses across Ireland can access next generation 30Mb broadband following the launch by Digiweb of its new service, Metro Express, which combines 30Mb broadband and phone for 30 euros monthly.
Metro Express does not require a traditional landline and includes a full phone bundle including free calls and 30Mb broadband. Unlike traditional landline DSL or mobile broadband which can run slower than advertised depending on distance, Metro Express overcomes these challenges giving a full speed service regardless of distance. With shorter latency than DSL or Mobile it is also perfect for gaming on Xbox / PS3, streaming content from Netflix / RTE, or handling your real-time transactions in the cloud.
“Our high speed Metro Express 30Mb service will significantly improve the customer experience for internet users across Ireland with faster downloads and lower prices for consumers, and enable better, faster services and new technology opportunities for Irish business,” said Colm Piercy, CEO, Digiweb Group.
Digiweb’s commitment to delivering innovative products to meet customers expanding requirements is evidenced in the quality of the network and the broadband service delivered. The Metro Express product is available at 30Mb in many areas which can only receive 1Mb from traditional DSL service providers, delivering much needed bandwidth to both business and residential customers who have been starved of decent services before this innovation. Indeed, in many locations further out from town centres the Metro Express service will be the only broadband service which can reach out to connect the customer’s premises.
“As a wholly Irish owned business we are proud to continue leading the charge in delivering market changing broadband and telecom services across Ireland. This latest innovation, developed here in Ireland, performs 3 or more times faster than typical 8Mb services available from other providers,” said Colm Piercy, CEO, Digiweb Group.