Government rates Digiweb top of the Class (again)

Digiweb, Ireland’s largest independent Irish-owned telecommunications company has come out top of the class in the recent Schools Broadband Access Program tender.

Colm Piercy, Digiweb Group CEO has welcomed the awarding of the largest contract under the program that will see Digiweb connect several thousand schools across Ireland to its high speed internet network.
“Using Digiweb’s high speed metro broadband, DSL and satellite broadband services, we’ll connect over 50% of all Irish schools to the Internet every day – that’s about 300,000 students or about 2,000 schools. Digiweb was involved in a competitive tender with at least 15 other broadband providers who all made detailed submissions to the Department of Education & Skills and I’m thrilled that once again the Government has rated Digiweb top of the class.
Our network will provide schools and students with high speed internet access quickly and safely, and provide incredible opportunities for teachers and students alike, to avail of the most recent advances in technology in the classroom”
It’s understood approximately 10 other companies will share the other schools between them.
According to Colm Piercy Digiweb Group CEO, “winning national connectivity contracts such as this is an endorsement of the quality of our services and our investment in building independent next generation infrastructure nationally.”
School Broadband Provider of Choice since 2005
“Digiweb have been the leading provider of high speed broadband to Irish primary and secondary schools since 2005 and is delighted to continue to play a crucial role in helping to deliver key government objectives in the education sector through the use of ICT. One of the central planks of government policy is integrating ICT into teaching and learning at the earliest possible time at both primary and secondary education. In addition to providing high speed services in cities and urban areas, Digiweb has been pioneering in the manner in which it has connected often rural and isolated schools to the broadband network, ensuring that all students, irrespective of their location, can avail of the benefits of high speed broadband access”, concluded Piercy.
In additional news, Digiweb have also secured a contract to connect a further 27 schools nationally with 100Mbps broadband connectivity, and will have these live for services within coming weeks.