The Broadband Experience hits the road!

Digiweb launch – “The Broadband Experience”* High impact mobile unit with learning environment
* Will travel Ireland to increase broadband awareness
* Also available to promoters, media events and festival organisers


Digiweb Limited has today launched it’s broadband road show, “The Broadband Experience”
This mobile learning environment will travel Ireland to showcase all of Digiweb’s Broadband technologies including Metro, Wireless, DSL and satellite. It’s main function will be to increase broadband awareness in Ireland and to allow people to experience broadband for themselves.
The vehicle is also ideal for event organisers or concert promoters who need a portable working and media environment to allow for broadband access anywhere in Ireland, even in the middle of a field!
Commenting on the launch, John Quinn, Head of Strategic development commented “There are many arguments put forward as to why broadband adoption is low in Ireland but we at Digiweb aim to resolve the issue of education and relevance. This road show will bring broadband to the people and will demonstrate just how broadband can be used from communications to games and entertainment.