Digiweb and BigBand Networks Enabling Wireless Broadband Throughout Ireland

Dundalk, Ireland – BigBand Networks, Inc., a leading provider of broadband multimedia infrastructure for video, voice and data, and Digiweb Ltd, one of the fastest growing communications companies in Ireland, today announced collaboration on enabling delivery of broadband wireless services to Digiweb subscribers. The BigBand Cuda® CMTS (cable modem termination system) and BigBand FastFlow® broadband provisioning manager have been deployed to make high speed data, VoIP and eventually IPTV services available throughout most of the country, based on DOCSIS 2.0 over wireless networks. This marks BigBand Networks’ first broadband wireless deployment, and positions Digiweb as the first to offer broadband wireless services across Ireland as well as the nation’s most extensive DOCSIS 2.0 deployment.
“The high capacity, speed and reliability of the BigBand Cuda with the multi-service control of BigBand FastFlow give Digiweb a competitive advantage in combining the high quality of DOCSIS 2.0 services with the ubiquity and efficiency of wireless networking,” said John Quinn, head of strategic development for Digiweb. “After extensive testing, BigBand Networks stands out with solutions for operation of Digiweb’s nationwide facilities, and provides a best-of-breed partnership as our offerings extend to more services and richer media including digital video and HDTV.”
After extensive planning and testing, the initial launch occurred in Dundalk in August, Digiweb is rolling out its high speed data and VoIP services over the next 12 months. Customers will include consumers, commercial entities, government offices and third party service providers which can access services on a wholesale basis. Initial launches will focus on large Irish cities, but with economical wireless reach, areas throughout the country will be accessible. Wireless operations allow Digiweb to openly provide broadband services without regulatory obstacles such as forced unbundling. As deployments expand, the operator plans to add IPTV including HDTV to its voice and data offerings.
“Digiweb is establishing a reliable and flexible infrastructure, taking advantage of BigBand Networks’ standards-based platforms to achieve wireless delivery of multiple media, with opportunities for ongoing collaboration to expand offerings,” said Ran Oz, chief technology officer for BigBand Networks. “BigBand Networks is committed to making any media available to anyone at any time, and Digiweb’s ambitious deployment is significant as the first realization of our value propositions over wireless networks.”
Wireless DOCSIS is being deployed by Digiweb in order to deliver services at cable modem quality levels. DOCSIS signals from the Cuda platform can be upconverted and transmitted over the air at high frequencies, then downconverted at subscriber premises and received by a standard cable modems at lower frequencies. This architecture achieves a point-to-multipoint wireless bridge, replacing requirements to install and maintain last-mile physical networks. Digiweb is also building a nationwide fiber overlay network based on MPLS (multi-protocol label switching). BigBand Cuda connects to this network at fiber end-points, with VPLS (virtual private LAN switching) utilized for quality-of-service of the signals to be wirelessly transmitted. In addition to providing high-capacity backbone connectivity, the Digiweb MPLS network can extend fiber access directly to end-users passed by it.
Digiweb’s wireless service launches are provided by DOCSIS 2.0 signalling on the BigBand Cuda CMTS. The platform is designed for quality-of-service, reliable operation and signal fidelity that enhance delivery of real-time media such as voice and video. FastFlow is being utilized to establish and maintain Digiweb subscriber accounts. BigBand Networks also provides the BMR® (Broadband Multimedia-Service Router) platform for digital television services such as Digiweb’s planned launch of wireless IPTV.
BigBand Networks, Inc. is a leading provider of broadband multimedia infrastructure for video, voice and data. Utilizing unique combinations of open technologies, BigBand solutions process, optimize, and deliver services such as high-speed data, VoIP, digital broadcast television, HDTV, transport of high quality video, local advertising, VOD, interactive TV and IPTV through any network. This means service providers can now cost-effectively expand revenue-generating offerings of rich content and advanced interactive services. Customers include seven of the ten largest North American cable operators, US telecommunications companies, as well as leading service providers in Asia, Europe and Latin America. Founded in 1999, BigBand Networks is based in Redwood City, CA with offices worldwide. For more information, please call 650-995-5000, email info@bigbandnet.com or visit www.bigbandnet.com