Digiweb offers affordable Satellite Broadband across Ireland

Digiweb Offers affordable Satellite Broadband across Ireland

Broadband and Web Hosting provider Digiweb today announced its partnership with Skylogic to offer full broadband coverage of Ireland through new and affordable satellite innovations.
This new technology uses adaptive modulation and coding techniques which address the conditions of rain fade ensuring high availability under differing weather conditions, previously not available in Ireland.  The service will use the Eurobird 3A spot that has a good footprint covering Ireland. In testing by Digiweb, this satellite yields excellent performance throughout the country when paired with the use of 89cm antennae.The National Broadband Scheme (NBS) proposes to bring 1Mb/s satellite offerings to customers, but this is only ½ of that supported by the Digiweb Tooway service.  It is also well known that there are many areas in the country which will remain unserved by DSL or mobile 3G, even after NBS is launched. The Digiweb Tooway offering will be a significant improvement in the satellite offerings that are available to customers in these areas, and will ensure that anyone, anywhere can obtain broadband at an affordable cost.
Digiweb Tooway typically offers 4 times current satellite speeds for less than ½ the current price, and with a much reduced upfront cost for the satellite modem. This is an attractive offering for end-users resulting in much higher speeds and better reliability than can be achieved today with any competing satellite offerings, and at an entry price point that is comparable with fixed line or 3G. The new Digiweb satellite service is an innovative product known as Tooway. It is a unique joint venture between a satellite operator (Eutelsat), an equipment manufacturer (Viasat) and a successful European based teleport operator (Skylogic). The service is based on the highly successful Surfbeam service that use high power spot beam satellites delivering low cost high capacity broadband over the USA. Tooway makes use of proven DOCSIS technology which will ensure a long term strategy for satellite service in Ireland.