Digiweb saves local businesses in the region of €20,000

It’s hard to read economic commentary these days without coming to the conclusion that small business is the backbone of our economy. You’ll read that small businesses create jobs, they’re close to their customers whom they don’t exploit, and that without small business, our economy would be a shadow of itself.
Yet when it comes to buying telecoms service (Broadband and Landline) most small businesses head over to a large business for these services and in many cases are exploited. They pay over the odds for services they never use.
It takes entrepreneurialism, hard work and a little luck to formulate and run a successful business, Digiweb, the Dundalk based Telecoms Provider understands that, so in recent months Digiweb have setup a new small business focus team. The aim of this team is to meet as many businesses as possible, to review and advice on their actual telecoms needs and to reduce the number of small businesses being exploited by larger telecom providers.
So far the results have yielded significant savings for many Dundalk business. In the region of 60 businesses have moved their Telecoms services to Digiweb in the past couple of months and it’s estimated these businesses’ will save in the region of a combined €20,000 over 12 months. That’s €330 per business on average per year.

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Sean McKeown of McKeown Autos on the Coes Road said, “I get two phone lines for the price of one”.

Fiona Devenny of Devenny Office Supplies on Crown Street said “Digiweb’s quote estimates I’m going to save 28% on my Telecoms bills this year, so I’m all for that”
Sinead Hiney of New Faces Salon on Dublin Street said “A great service at a fraction of the price I was paying, making me and my customers happy”
Niall Callan of Callans Off-Licence on Park Street said “show me a business that doesn’t need to control their costs, with Digiweb I get the same telephone service at a lower cost, that’s value”

To all small business owners, we understand that you need to make savings on your outgoings so you can reinvest and grow. It’s good for business and it’s great for Dundalk! We are proud to have helped small Irish businesses save on their essential services every day.

Save money everyday with Digiweb! Give us a call on 1800 610 620 to find a Business Plan just right for you!