100% fibre optic connection direct into your business

Transform your business with Gigabit broadband from Digiweb. Our SIRO powered Electric Broadband and Lightning FTTH broadband provide superfast, reliable speeds of up to 1Gbps (that’s an incredible 1,000Mbps).

We provide this life changing broadband to 1000’s of happy customers on this growing network.

We understand small business needs – Larger providers just cause you more stress.

We support 1000’s of small businesses across Ireland every year.

Our Gigabit Broadband will future proof your business broadband connectivity for the next 10 years.

We won’t rip you off – we are very competitively priced.

Trustpilot Customer feedback confirms all of the above and rates us top internet provider in Ireland.

Why gigabit broadband?
A future proof broadband connection.

Business Gigabit Broadband plans from Digiweb offer a virtually unlimited bandwidth coupled with a long reach, making it “future safe.” Experts at the FTTH Council say “100% fibre connections are the only technology with enough bandwidth to handle projected consumer demands during the next decade reliably and cost effectively.”

26 times faster than the average speed in Ireland.* 100 % Fibre is 1,000 times better than copper and the signal can travel much further along it. The longer the copper cable used, the more bandwidth you lose. With fibre-optics, there’s no discernable loss over the distance from cabinet to router in your premises.
– *Source: speedtest.net

100% fibre network direct to your business. No old copper. Fibre is immune to interference. Fibre-optic cable isn’t affected by environmental factors than can weaken signals over copper cables. For example, the signal on a copper wire drops massively over just two kilometres, whereas fibre-optic cable over the same distance is extremely reliable. And, unlike copper, things like temperature and weather don’t affect fibre.

No limit to how many devices you can use. Copper has low ‘bandwidth’ but fibre (SIRO/FTTH) gives up to a massive 10 Gbps and beyond so you can connect as many devices to your broadband as you like and not slow down your connection.
No phone line needed, no line rental. Ever.

Connect to SIRO FTTH or Lightning FTTH Broadband with Digiweb. We will impress you.

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