Parental Controls

Get peace of mind with Digiweb.

Digiweb Parental Controls are a key part of the parent’s toolkit, and a great first step in keeping your child safe online and protecting your family from harmful content.

Is your family protected against the internet baddies? Beware! Without the correct adult supervision, children can be exposed to inappropriate content, violence and more! Digiweb can help protect your children on-line and keep them safe. Digiweb Broadband with Parental Controls can help you prevent children accessing adult content online or being exposed to malicious users of the internet who often target children for their own personal, financial or material gain. You can monitor their on-line activity and easily schedule internet access only during time periods you specify. You can also set time limits and budgets. Take control of all your home network devices they use to connect with including computers, game consoles, tablets and smartphones.

Digiweb Parental Controls

Digiweb Parental Controls come FREE as standard with our Electric Broadband (SIRO) and Fibre Broadband product range. Customers can activate them at anytime. View Frequently Asked Questions >

Comprehensive protection with parental controls

Create Custom Access Profiles
If you wish to regulate Internet access for particular users or user groups on an individual basis, you can set up a separate access profile for each of them. With the FRITZ!Box you can define unique settings for each of user or device in detail. General access profiles are preconfigured in the FRITZ!Box. All network devices in the FRITZ!Box home network that have not been assigned to a specific profile are automatically assigned to the “Standard” access profile. The “Guest” access profile is for all network devices that use guest access.

Set Time Limits
Restricts internet access to certain time(s) of the day. Many families have rules about how much time the children spend on the Internet. So it’s helpful when you can set your FRITZ!Box to limit the times certain users are allowed online. Choose to restrict the ‘period’ when internet access is allowed or not allowed for each user and for which days of the week they’re permitted to go online.

Set Time Budgets
A time for everything.Different users within the home have different requirements in terms of how often they want to go on the Internet and how long they want to spend online, so decide together on the time limits that apply to each user. Multiple devices, from smartphones to PlayStations, can be assigned to individual people. You can set a limit to the amount of time a device has internet access per day of the week. Setting it to 0 hours and 0 Minutes will give no allowance per day while 24 hours and 0 minutes will give unlimited access.

Block inappropriate web sites
Children can be exposed to content or images that might not be appropriate for them. With the Fritz!Box, settings can be individually configured for smartphones and other devices where you can control which websites are blocked or which are the only ones that can be accessed.  You determine which websites are suitable and select  “Permit web sites (whitelist)” if only permitted websites should remain accessible, or “Block web sites (blacklist)” if only certain websites should be blocked.

Restrict access to only named websites
The Internet is a great resource for children, offering a wealth of information and experiences. Decide which sites are suitable for your kids. FRITZ!Box helps you in this regard with a ‘white list’ – a list of approved sites that can be accessed. All other sites that are not on the list will be blocked. This enables you to influence and be in control of their Internet use. These settings can be individually configured for smartphones and other Internet enabled devices.

Apply Device Permissions
All network devices in the FRITZ!Box home network that have not been assigned to a specific profile are automatically assigned to the “Standard” access profile. In order to prevent the parental controls from being bypassed, you could adjust the settings to deny Internet access to members of the “standard” access profile.

Secure Guest Access
Your visitors will enjoy being able to use the FRITZ!Box wireless guest access with their own smartphones or device. You can determine what applications are allowed or choose to restrict your visitor’s Internet use. Decide for yourself what your guests can and can’t do. You might choose, for example, to allow surfing and e-mail but block applications such as file sharing. You can also block access to certain websites in the usual way.

Lock internet enabled devices
Ensure that a specific device remains on your newly created access profile by locking the IP address assigned to that specific device – the final step of your Parental Controls setup.

Remember: Parental Controls will help protect your children, but it’s not a single solution. It’s vitally important to talk regularly with your children about what they are doing online. Encourage responsible behaviour, familiarise yourself with the key internet safety issues your child may be facing or that you are concerned about. Keep your dialogue honest and open and deal with any issues in a positive manner as they arise.