• Virtualisation products will save Irish businesses energy and money
  • Virtual server in seconds with full administrative control
  • Scales seamlessly from entry level to full enterprise level

Web hosting and broadband provider Digiweb have today unveiled their virtualisation product.  Digiweb have chosen Parallels Virtuozzo Containers as the virtualisation solution of choice because it will offer customers the highest levels of density, performance and manageability of any available virtualisation solution.

Digiweb Hosting Manager, Dan King stated, “Digiweb’s new virtualization products will offer Irish businesses excellent performance and scalability while being far kinder to the the environment by using power hungry server equipment in a far more efficient manner, reducing our carbon footprint. While steps by individual companies do make a difference to the environment, bringing in a green technology such as virtualisation, allows us to share the benefits to the thousands of customers who are already with us.”

Virtualisation offers a number of benefits to any IT infrastructure for small and large businesses and organisations. Digiweb will employ it in the datacentre, meaning that the hardware already in place is used more efficiently, cutting power consumption and therefore lowering the carbon footprint of new customer installations, making the Digiweb datacentre a greener place. Additionally, virtualisation allows organisations new to hosted virtualisation start small at a low cost and scale up seamlessly when needed.
Digiweb’s new virtualisation products are leading the market and have been aggressively positioned. At just €34.99 a month, Digiweb’s virtual servers are less than half the price of Digiweb’s nearest competitor in the Irish market. With Digiweb, Irish businesses can have a virtual server in seconds with full administrative control, with the benefit of 24 hour on-site monitoring.