Digiweb Ltd. ( digiweb.ie ), a web hosting and broadband services provider in Ireland, today announced it has joined the Internet Neutral Exchange Association Ltd (INEX) ( inex.ie ), an Irish Internet Exchange, and has established live peering connections with all other primary Irish Internet and Telecommunications providers.
According to Digiweb, this step enhances broadband access for Irish Internet users, enabling accelerated access to content on its hosted servers, and provides the rapidly expanding base of Digiweb Broadband subscribers direct access to other Irish located content.

“Becoming a member of INEX is an important step for us in supporting the future requirements of our national Broadband Access network, and is key to the introduction of a number of innovative new services for us over coming months” stated Colm Piercy, Managing Director, Digiweb.

Barry Rhodes, General Manager of INEX, welcomed Digiweb as the newest member of the Exchange. “We are delighted to welcome Digiweb and their customers to INEX and look forward to working with them to further improve the Internet experience and industry co-operation in Ireland.”