Digiweb shakes up Irish telecoms with 'Chatterbox' voice and broadband service.

–  Irish consumers can now get unlimited calls to landlines in Ireland and the UK, plus 40 free minutes to Irish and UK mobile numbers at any time for just €39.99 per month
–  Robust 4 Mbps broadband is included in bundle
–  No installation fee for orders received in December
–  No line rental required
–  Chatterbox comprehensively beats Eircom on price, volume of calls and broadband speeds
– Average consumer could save in excess of €300 per annum by switching to Digiweb

Dublin, 1st December, 2009: Digiweb, the national telecommunications and managed services provider, today launched a new, low-cost voice and broadband bundle to consumers in Ireland for just €39.99 per month. The service called ‘Chatterbox’ includes unlimited calls to local, national and UK landlines, and forty minutes of free calls per month to Irish and UK mobile phones at both peak and off-peak times. It also includes a 4Mbps internet connection.
Digiweb believes this comprehensive service offers the best value in the Irish market as the volume of free calls at all times to all areas of Ireland and the UK is unprecedented. In addition, Digiweb will offer free installs for all orders received during December.
The Chatterbox phone and broadband bundle has many benefits for Irish consumers including the competitive price, free ‘peak time’ calls to anywhere in Ireland and the UK, and the faster broadband speeds. In addition, the service is not dependent on a fixed copper line which means that customers don’t need to pay ‘dead money’ into line retail or share busy DSL exchanges which can lead to poor quality internet connectivity. Eircom’s most competitive voice and broadband bundle at €46.99 includes free calls at ‘off-peak’ times only and solely to Irish telephone numbers. It also only provides 1Mbps broadband, compared to Digiweb’s 4Mbps in this new bundle.
It is estimated that an average user can save in excess of €300 per annum on their phone bill by switching to Digiweb’s Chatterbox bundle when compared to Eircom.
Digiweb is delivering Chatterbox on its own independent national infrastructure. It expects more than 1000 new customers per month will sign up to the service. In addition to the high quality of Digiweb’s voice offering, the robust 4Mbps broadband connectivity will enable homes across Ireland to take advantage of a wide range of internet services. Customers have the option to increase these speeds to 12Mbps at an additional cost per month.
Digiweb’s Chatterbox voice and broadband service includes:
–  Unlimited free landline calls to Irish and UK numbers including peak times
–  40 minutes free calls to national and UK mobile numbers including peak times
–  Customer can keep existing phone number
–  No line rental required
–  4Mbps broadband delivered on Digiweb’s Metro network.
Colm Piercy, CEO, Digiweb, comments, “At Digiweb, we’re constantly striving to shake up the Irish telecoms market. We firmly believe that our new Chatterbox voice and internet bundle offers the best value in Ireland. Nobody else is offering the same breadth or quality of service at this price. The investments we have made in our own national network give us the independence and capability to bring these exciting new products to market.”