DSL Unlimited Broadband + Talk Unlimited


  • 24Mbps digital subscriber line service
  • Unlimited Broadband
  • Talk Unlimited (6,000 anytime minutes to any Irish/UK landline numbers and 1,500 anytime minutes to any Irish/UK mobile numbers per month)
  • Superior WiFi modem and media hub
  • No phone line rental charge
  • No connection fee
  • 12 month contract

Hassle-free connection in days. Keep your existing telephone line and number in place. Single bill for your voice and broadband.  Includes FREE Fritz!Box WiFi Modem and Home Media Hub with Parental Control features as standard and F-Secure SAFE Internet Security – FREE for 6 months. Protects you when on-line banking and protects you from viruses, spyware, hacker attacks and identity theft.

Pricing and Availability

€59.95 per month for new and existing customers. All prices include VAT. Service is subject to availability at your geographical location as identified by Digiweb.

Contract Length

Initial 12 month contract applies to all broadband plans.

Unlimited Broadband

While a service is stated to be unlimited, Digiweb, like most service providers, imposes a fair usage policy. Our service packages are designed for use by individuals, families and small businesses, for activities that should not give rise to extreme consumption, which could potentially degrade performance for other users. ComReg requires that all telecoms companies have a clear and transparent policy for dealing with usage above the “fair” thresholds, and must set out the rules for contract termination, including penalties, any charges that shall apply for any use above the threshold/limit, and our policy regarding migration of the customer to other packages, if applicable. We believe that our fair usage policy (https://digiweb.ie/fair-usage-policy) meets those requirements.

Broadband Speeds

Speeds quoted for this broadband product are the maximum speeds achievable and may not be always possible depending upon a number of factors. The customer acknowledges that speeds achievable and service quality are strictly subject to each customer’s device and service capabilities. Learn more at (https://digiweb.ie/knowledge-base/broadband-speed-factors/)

Telephone Number

Includes new telephone number or porting of your existing telephone number, depending on conditions.

Talk Unlimited

Talk Unlimited call bundle minutes are subject to an acceptable fair usage policy; 6,000 anytime minutes to any Irish/UK landline numbers and 1,500 anytime minutes to any Irish/UK mobile numbers per month.

Local & national designated as calls to 01, 02, 04, 05, 06, & 07 numbers. This does not include calls to VoIP (076), Freephone, Premium or other Non-geographic numbers;

Mobile designated as calls to any mobile operator in the Republic Of Ireland and UK;

Out of bundle calls are billed at Discount Rates and are rounded to the nearest minute;

Call set up charge of 3.75c applies to out of bundle calls;

Unused minutes will not be carried over from month to month. All initiated calls must be under 60 minutes or you will be charged – using standard per minute charges. (Alternatively, you can disconnect call under 60 minutes and re-dial again to carry on speaking without incurring per minute charge.)

Activation Fee

No activation fee is charged for new or existing customers upgrading to this plan;
No activation fee is charged when DSL Unlimited Broadband + Talk Unlimited call bundle is ordered;