is our customer web portal which provides you with access to your Digiweb accounts any-time, any-where and it’s free to use. Register today to view your recent statements, transactions, pay your bill on-line and change your contact details. You can also avail of some great special offers. You’ll need your Digiweb Account number and the email address associated with your Digiweb customer account.

What if you forget your My.Digiweb password?

There is a forgotten password option. Simply click “Forgot password” when you attempt to login and you will be prompted to input your Digiweb account number (or your registered email address), answer your secret security question, etc. You will then receive an e-mail to the address you’ve registered with to further assist you with your password.

How can I update my account details?

Once you’ve Signed Up to, you can login and update your details such as mobile phone number and email address by clicking on My Account and then the edit button. You will also be able to reset your password.

How can I check my invoice?

Digiweb Customers who register will have a view of their current balance, status of their account, account number and billing period. They can also view previous transactions and download a bill if required. From the Home section they can also choose to pay their bill with an existing stored card or pay with a different card. They can also choose to pay the balance or a specific amount.