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To access your voicemail, dial 171 from your landline and enter your password. Your voicemail password by default is 1234.

To change passwords:

At the main menu press 4
Press 2 for Administrative Options
Press 1 to change the password
Enter the password and press # to confirm.

Greetings – Personal, Standard and Extended Absence Greeting 
To change the greeting: At the main menu press 4 for Personal Options Press 3 for Greetings:
Press 1 to change the Personal Greeting

  • Press 1 for standard or 2 for personal greeting, or Press 2 for extended absence Greeting
  • record your greeting and then press #, or Press 3 for Name
  • Record your name and then press #

To check your voicemail when you are not at home, call your landline number and when you start to hear the message for voicemail press the # button on your phone and you will be asked to…

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