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Digiweb Service Call - we're on our wayDigiweb service calls are completed by trained engineers. They will visit your premises to complete an onsite investigation of your connection and the problems you are experiencing and have reported to our Technical Support team.

Prior to being contacted by our Schedulers and should you wish to speak with our Schedulers directly, they can be contacted by email at or by calling us on 1918 option 1.

Service calls have an average turnaround time of 5 working days from opening to closure. It can take 2 working days for a Scheduler to contact you with a scheduled date.

Please bear in mind that where poor weather conditions exist and hinder our engineers travel or ability to reach your broadband equipment safely, the above mentioned turnaround times will increase.

It is important that you remember to check your connection daily whilst you are awaiting your service call.
Should the connection issue become resolved before the actual onsite service call has been completed, it is the responsibility of the Customer to contact Digiweb Support either by replying to this email or by calling us on 1918 to notify same.
We will then re-investigate the requirement for the service call to remain in place.

Where a Customer fails to notify Digiweb of the resolved connection issue and the engineer unnecessarily visits the site, Digiweb reserve the right to apply a service charge of €100 excluding VAT for engineer site visit.

Please also note that Digiweb reserve the right to apply a service charge of €100 excluding VAT in circumstances where the issue is found to be within the customers remit and outside of Digiweb’s control.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Where the Digiweb Broadband equipment was damaged, either accidentally or maliciously, by the Customer or non Digiweb representative.
  • Where a power issue exists at the site resulting in no power being supplied to the Digiweb broadband equipment.
  • Where 3rd Party equipment has interfered with the Wireless / Satellite signal being transmitted to and from the local Digiweb basestation.
  • Etc.
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