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Digiweb issue bills at the start of each calendar month – you are billed for your rent in advance and your calls in arrears.

Your first bill will be slightly higher than other bills as you are paying for more than one month of usage. This is because your first bill covers the period from when your service is connected up until your first bill, as well as your price plan for the month ahead

For example on the 1st of May your bill would include the rental package for all of May from the 1st to the 31st and all calls made in April from the 1st until the 30th.

If you change package in the middle of the month your invoice will look different . You will be billed at the new rate for a pro rated period of the month – for example you changed from DSL to Fibre on the 12th of June- the invoice that issues on the 1st of July will need to reflect the change in rental that took place and therefore will show a prorated amount of rental from the 12th until the 30th of June and then the rental for the coming month of July.

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