Shared Office Plan D


  • 3,000 anytime call minutes to Irish/UK landline numbers per month
  • 1,200 anytime call minutes to Irish/UK mobile numbers per month

Keep your existing telephone lines and numbers in place. Hassle-free switching in few days with no loss of service. Single bill for your voice and line rental.

Price and Availability

Available to new and existing business customers at €129 per month. All prices exclude VAT.

Contract Length

30 day rolling contract applies for all Shared Office plans.

Telephone Number

Includes new telephone number or porting of your existing telephone number, depending on conditions.

Telephone Calls

Shared Office Plan D minutes are subject to an acceptable fair usage policy; 3,000 anytime minutes to Irish/UK landline numbers and 1,200 anytime minutes to Irish/UK mobile numbers per month.

Local & national designated as calls to 01, 02, 04, 05, 06, & 07 numbers. This does not include calls to VoIP (076), Freephone, Premium or other Non-geographic numbers;

Mobile designated as calls to any mobile operator in the Republic Of Ireland and UK;

Out of bundle calls are billed at Discount Rates and are rounded to the nearest minute;

Call set up charge of 3.75c applies to out of bundle calls;

Unused minutes will not be carried over from month to month. All initiated calls must be under 60 minutes or you will be charged – using standard per minute charges. (Alternatively, you can disconnect call under 60 minutes and re-dial again to carry on speaking without incurring per minute charge.)

Line Rental

Line Rental is not included in any of the Shared Office Plans, and will be billed in addition and where applicable.