No matter whether you have a big apartment, house with several floors, or a garden – Mesh with FRITZ! brings fast and stable wireless LAN to every corner of your home. Simply add additional FRITZ! products to your home network, for example FRITZ!WLAN Repeater and FRITZ!Powerline with wireless LAN, and the FRITZ!Box meshes the individual […]

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Fritz!Box 7360 Repeater Mode Video Tutorial

For help please watch our quick video tutorial on how to set up the Fritz!Box 7360 in Repeater mode to help improve your in home WiFi. Feel free to pause or Rewind the video at any point. For further reference an instruction booklet PDF can be found here:!AuhDfkF0eod7dbs9v… You can always contact us on

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Broadband Speed Factors

There are many factors that determine the speeds you receive to your device(s). If you’re experiencing speed issues please refer to the following to understand potential issues or Freephone 1800 285828 to speak with our knowledgeable technical staff who’ll be happy to take you through troubleshooting steps and offer their experience to help improve your

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How to improve your Wi-Fi

How to improve your Wi-Fi

The location of your modem / router is very important. If your modem / router is stuck in a press or under a desk, the odds are your Wi-Fi speeds won’t be very good. Your modem should be in a central location. It should not be behind a television or cabinet. It should be placed high up, possibly on a shelf and not on the floor. This is because Wi-Fi signals are generated from the router, they can spread in upward or downward motions.

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